Before You Decide To Replace Your Carpets, Try This

Before-You-Decide-To-Replace-Your-Carpets-Try-This (1)
Carpets are subjected to wear and tear daily as we walk and run on them. Having heavy furniture placed on it can also cause carpets to be damaged. If your carpets have become damaged, stained, or wrinkled, you may be considering replacing them with brand new carpets. However, buying a completely new carpet is definitely expensive. Before replacing carpets, you can consider trying to repair them instead as it is more affordable. Read on to find out how to repair your carpets effectively!C...
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Four Cleaning Tips That Leave Your Rug Spotless

Rugs are essential home decorations that can change the vibe of a physical space, and no one likes it when their favorite rug is stained. There are many different methods to remove dirt and stains from your rug. Read on to know more about four common rug cleaning tips that will keep your rugs spotless.Removing Dry Dust and DirtThe simplest way to remove dry dust and dirt from your rug is by shaking them out. If your rug is not very dirty, giving a good shake will be enough to remove ...
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3 Things To Know Before Hiring An Area Rug Cleaning Company

Do you have a beautiful heirloom area rug, or perhaps an oriental rug that has been passed down for generations? These rugs can be inexpensive, or easily cost thousands of dollars. In some cases, if it was custom made to your space or purchased while travelling the world, your area rug can easily be priceless.It might be tempting to just leave the rug as is and clean it by just vacuuming. Maintaining your rug in its best condition isn’t just about choosing the right cleaning technique, h...
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Why You Need A Professional Rug Cleaning Service

Area rugs can make or break a room’s aesthetics. In some cases, they are that final piece of décor that ties your entire space together. In fact, there have been many people who invest in a spectacular oriental rug that is truly one of a kind.Here at A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care, we understand that your rugs are very important to you, which is why we truly believe that it is important to have the right cleaning techniques and solutions that are best suited for your area rug.Th...
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Understanding Common Carpet Issues And Their Solutions

Whether you have just installed a new carpet or dealing with an existing one, there can be many unexpected issues that you run into. This can be due to issues with manufacturing, installation, or just simply because of wear and tear over a long period of time.Here at A Step Above Carpet And Flooring Care, we believe that cost of frequent carpet replacements can be mitigated through regular carpet cleaning and carpet care as and when it is needed. To find out more about the common carpet is...
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How To Tell If Your Carpet Needs Stretching

Maintaining our carpets generally isn’t at the top of our to-do lists when it comes to home maintenance – in fact it is really tempting to just install and forget about it. It might be a few years before you even start thinking about it, and by then it might seem like a good idea to just swap out the old for a new one.This is not necessarily true! By engaging a carpet care expert, they can help to stretch your carpet, clean it, and maybe even repair any damage that has occurred! Here at A St...
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Avoid Rug Dye Bleeding By Hiring A Professional

Avoid-Rug-Bleeding (1)
A beautiful rug in your home or workplace can be both a functional and aesthetic piece. If you own one, you probably would have worried about spills, crumbs, or even every day dust messing it up.One of the biggest worries when cleaning an area rug is rug dye bleeding. However, rug cleaning does not have to be hard. Here is more information about rug dye bleeding and how professionals can prevent it.What is Rug Dye Bleeding?Dye bleeding is when the colorants in your rug are exposed to...
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Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministry Client Highlight

A Step Above is proud to provide our cleaning services to the Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministry here in Nashville. We would like to honor & provide information on the exemplary community work being done by this dynamic, local nonprofit organization.Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministry (TPOM) is the first statewide ministry to offer programming for the incarcerated, those leaving prison, and the children of the incarcerated. Holistic services address spiritual, emotional, social, and e...
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Andrew Jackson Boys & Girls Club

The A Step Above crew is humbled to give back to our community by providing services to local nonprofit organizations. We recently offered our services to the Andrew Jackson Boys & Girls Club. The Club Director, Tinnisha, was generous enough to give us a tour of the building and a run down of the amazing programs they offer the youth of Nashville. The club offers homework help, education & career guidance, sports leagues, recreation, fitness and arts. This location even has a full fu...
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The Stahlman Building

The recent cleaning of the 100 year old Italian marble floors in Nashville’s iconic Stahlman Building was rewarding, to say the least. Completed in 1907, the Stahlman was described at that time as “One of the handsomest buildings, not only in the south, but in the world.” Our technicians took great pride in performing a three-step process to deep clean and polish the lobby and side corridor marble floors.A Brief History of the Stahlman Building:The structure was built with the best o...
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