Do I really need a rug pad under my rug?

Padding under your rug offers several benefits:

For one, it creates a space so air can pass through the rug for more effective vacuuming.  This air flow allows for more soil removal.  This will help increase the life of your rug by reducing the wear and fiber damage from dirt particles.  As dirt works through the rug, you are grinding the dirt in to the floor finish and over time this will wear off the finish.

More importantly, a rug pad will help stabilize the rug and make it less slippery on hard surfaces preventing potential falls.

In addition to all of these important benefits, it will also provide sound reduction and comfort.

A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care, LLC offers customized cut to fit rug pad for every rug we clean at our facility.  Be sure to ask your rug specialist about pricing and any questions you may have.