Extending the Life of your Carpet

Tips on keeping your carpet cleaner longer and extending the life of your carpet.

Your carpet is a sizable investment and it’s important you get the most for your money by extending the life as long as possible.  One square-foot of carpet can conceal over one pound of fiber-damaging dirt, and still appear clean.

1.      Vacuuming
Regular vacuuming is imperative to the life and appearance of your carpet. The frequency of vacuuming will depending on several factors; foot traffic, children, pets, age of the home, etc.   Some may need to vacuum as often as daily, others much less frequently.  It is also important that you keep your vacuum clean and free of debris by checking and cleaning the brushes and replacing the bag often.  When asked what my favorite brand of vacuum is, I always answer the same; “the one you like and will use”.

2.      Professional Steam Cleaning
Professional cleaning is vital to the life of your carpet. We recommend a deep cleaning every 12-18 months for optimal performance but again, frequency will largely depend on your lifestyle.  It is important to have protectant re-applied after cleaning.

3.      Spot Removal
The most important thing you can do is treat the spill as soon as it happens. Lightly blot the area and remove as much of the spilled product as possible before treating with a spot removal product.   This will dramatically reduce the chance of the spot or stain becoming permanent or resoiling.

4. Mats

It’s important to use a walk-off mat at every door on the inside and the outside of the door and keep them clean and free of debris.

5.  Rotate your furniture

By changing the traffic patterns you will help avoid excessive pile crushing in certain areas.

We hope these tips help you save money while also keeping your home cleaner!