Do I really need to pay for carpet protectant?

The Importance of Carpet Protection 

Behind your house and vehicle, your flooring is probably one of the most expensive investments on your property. It only makes sense to care for it properly. Cleaning your carpet regularly will not only prolong its life dramatically, it’s also very important for your family’s health. Periodically removing the environmental pollutants such as carcinogens, smog, dust mites, nicotine, pet dander, and soil is vital to your family’s well being. Protecting your carpets will protect your investment and extend the life of your carpet and furnishings. Carpet protector coats your carpet with a protective layer that reduces penetration and adhesion in four different ways.

Benefits of Fabric Protectant

  1. Dry Soil – Soil is abrasive and will damage carpet fibers, causing accelerated wear which will create a dingy appearance. Carpet protector allows for easier removal of soil with vacuuming and professional cleanings.
  2. Acid Dyes – Drinks and other foods can attach permanently to carpet fibers, creating stains that are difficult or impossible to remove. Carpet protector helps to reduce that risk, and will make the stain easier to remove.
  3. Liquid Spills – Coffee, tea and soda can permanently stain your carpet. Carpet Protector reduces penetration of these spills and allows the homeowner more time to spot clean.
  4. Other Soils – Tar, grease, oil, etc, tracked in from kitchens, garages and driveways will do serious damage to your carpet fibers.

Most nylon stain resist carpet is manufactured with 2 important protective properties. An acid dye blocker, which keeps many household stains such as food coloring like red dye in a beverage, is one of the properties. The second layer of protection is what is called a “fluorochemical” and its job is to resist dry soil. Resisting dry soil keeps the dirt from bonding to the fiber, plus it also protects the acid dye blockers.

What happens when this bonding takes place is it starts to dull out the fiber, just like rubbing your carpet with sand paper! Once the process starts the damage cannot be corrected.  The protector applied at the factory should be reapplied because foot traffic can significantly reduce the amount of protector especially in the high traffic areas where protectant is needed the most.

Carpet Protectant drastically reduces the likelihood of spots becoming permanent.  For these reasons, we recommend a carpet protectant for your carpets, a service provided by your carpet technicians at A Step Above. We hope this has been valuable information for you. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask your technician or feel free to call our office at anytime.