The Stahlman Building

The recent cleaning of the 100 year old Italian marble floors in Nashville’s iconic Stahlman Building was rewarding, to say the least. Completed in 1907, the Stahlman was described at that time as “One of the handsomest buildings, not only in the south, but in the world.” Our technicians took great pride in performing a three-step process to deep clean and polish the lobby and side corridor marble floors.

A Brief History of the Stahlman Building:

The structure was built with the best of every material and as a piece of art. It is compromised of 1900 tons of steel, Bowling Green building stone, corridors covered in the finest Italian marble and doors and banisters of solid mahogany. The Stahlman Building is a National Register Eligible (NRE), for both its architecture and its association with J. Edwin R. Carpenter, a national prominent architect most well- known as one of New York City’s leading “skyscraper architects.”

Thank you kindly to the Stahlman Manager for having us as her first choice to clean and polish up the gorgeous marble floors, and much thanks for the testimonial!

“I love that I can depend on A Step Above to come to my rescue anytime I have a flooring need.  They have beautifully cleaned hardwood and marble flooring in the Stahlman Building that are over 100 years old!  And everyone on their staff is a pleasure to work with.  They are friendly, well-informed and determined to make sure we are pleased with the work.  Thank you, Bobby, and the entire team at A Step Above!” – Jessica at the Stahlman