Carpet Repair, Stretching and Dyeing

We offer a wide range of carpet repair services. Our highly trained staff is trained in carpet repairs and dyeing, further lowering your replacement cost, and helping you get more life out of your carpets. We are your one stop shop for all your carpet care needs.

Common repairs we provide are:

Carpet Stretching (Both kick stretching and power stretching are available) – over time your carpet can become warn, or if it wasn’t installed properly, it can get small humps. This will wear your carpet unevenly in those areas, decreasing the life and appearance of your carpet. We will stretch your carpets out in the best way possible and do what is needed to keep your carpets looking the best they can.

Seam Repairs (If carpet starts to split at doorways) – seams are mostly found in doorways where two pieces of carpet are joined together with a special glue. In high traffic areas those seams can sometimes start to come apart. We can help repair those and keep the carpet from unraveling and coming apart at the seams.

Patching (For set stains or missing carpet) – there are many reasons a carpet may need a patch. Animals can claw carpet up, furniture can get wet and cause a permanent stain, or an iron can tip over and melt the carpet. Whatever the case may be, our trained technicians can cut out the damaged carpet and replace it with an undamaged piece from spare carpet, or from an inconspicuous place ( i.e. behind a closet door )


Burn Plugs (To prevent replacing small areas) – small burns don’t always need a full sized patch. We can remove the melted fibers and pull fibers from an inconspicuous place and transfer them and glue them in with specialty glue to hold them in place.

Spot Dyeing (for stains such as bleach) – when bleach is spilled or certain cleaning products get on the carpet it can turn the color or even remove the dye completely. Our trained technicians can neutralize the bleach spot and put color back in your carpet fibers getting them back to or as close as possible to the original color of your carpet.