Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Office

It is often an overlooked item, but the office’s carpet is walked on by employees and many other visitors, day in and day out. As it can be very costly to replace carpet flooring for the whole office, it is therefore wise to hire a commercial carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets regularly so that there is no chance for dirt to build up, and the carpets can stay in good condition for a longer period of time. Read on to find out more about commercial carpet cleaning for offices.


What are Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for Offices?

Commercial carpet cleaning for your office typically involves performing a one-time full cleaning service, and later going on a regular maintenance program to help clean highly utilized areas or also ad-hoc cleanings when the situation arises (e.g., when important guests or management are visiting). Besides carpet cleaning, we are able to clean hard floor surfaces like ceramic tiles to restore their original shine. As most offices have regular working hours, we will work based on your off-peak schedules or on weekends to perform carpet cleaning so as not to disrupt your operations.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for Your Office

Carpet cleaning in your office can help your carpets look as good as new, remove old stains, and also improve the air quality in the air-conditioned environment. Employees will instantly feel like their office looks better and work more productively in a healthier space. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service can save you lots of time and energy rather than getting inexperienced workers to do it yourselves.

When Do You Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for Your Office?

Commercial carpet cleaning for your office can be done regularly depending on the foot traffic from your employees and visitors. It also depends on the color and pile type of the carpet, and you may want to schedule the cleaning more frequently if the carpet is of a lighter color. On average, offices should have their carpets cleaned once every six months or once a year, depending on the respective area’s condition. For areas with heavy traffic such as walkways and entrances, it is recommended to clean your carpet once or twice a month. For lower-traffic areas like conference rooms, you can stretch up to once every six months.

Why Choose A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care’s Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for Your Office?

If you are looking to maintain your office carpet in pristine condition, we are able to offer a non-obligatory consultation to share our commercial carpet cleaning services. Our experienced staff will provide the best advice based on your office’s requirements, and we will ensure that we work together with you on a suitable schedule to get the job done! With our exceptional equipment and cleaning solutions, you can have peace of mind when engaging us to keep your office carpet looking spick and span. With a clean and hygienic carpet, your business will give the best impression to all your customers and partners.

If you want to learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning services for your office, do not hesitate to contact us today!