Commercial Carpet Cleaning for the Entertainment Industry

With the COVID-19 pandemic still running its course, the show still goes on for the production and entertainment industry as millions of people are watching online content such as films, videos, and movies from the comfort of their homes. Is your production set or studio safe for your crew to set foot on and film in a hygienic environment without risking their health? Besides taking normal precautions like washing hands and disinfecting high touch points, commercial carpet cleaning is one important factor to ensure that the production set is well-sanitized for everyone’s protection. Read on to find out more about commercial carpet cleaning services for the entertainment industry.


What are Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for the Entertainment Industry?

Commercial carpet cleaning services for the filming and entertainment industry are specialized services that addresses specific concerns and requirements due to the dynamic nature of the profession. With most of the crew working in close contact and in an enclosed space, carpet cleaning before the start of new production is a crucial step to take besides disinfecting the other surfaces. Being in an air-conditioned environment increases the risk of airborne transmission of viruses, and the relatively large surface area of the carpet is one of the potential sources of the spreading of germs. By engaging a commercial carpet cleaning service, specialized cleaning equipment will be used to thoroughly sanitize the carpet and extract any germs or viruses which may have lingered on the floor surfaces. This also overall improves the condition of the air in the room.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for the Entertainment Industry

A clean and sanitized carpet provides everyone with peace of mind during filming or recording, and there will be lesser chances of allergens in the air which could affect the actor’s performance. It also gives everyone confidence and motivation to do their job well as they know that the company has taken utmost care to ensure the health and safety of the crew members. Most importantly, there is also a reduced chance of transmission of virus via cross-contamination from the ground to the air molecules.

When Do You Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for Entertainment Industry?

We understand that your set may have specific timelines to follow, thus we are able to fit into your schedule by having an in-depth discussion with you to understand your actions plans and constraints. Commercial carpet cleaning can be done whenever there is a new production about to start, or on a regular maintenance mode for longer-running productions.

Why Choose Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for the Entertainment Industry?

With 50 years of extensive experience in carpet and floor cleaning servicing a wide range of industries, we understand the dynamism of entertainment production settings. Keep your production crew and actors safe in a productive and healthy environment for them to produce their best performance. Come to us for a no-obligations discussion where we can share the most effective and affordable solutions for you.

If you want to learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning services for the entertainment industry, do not hesitate to contact us today!