Encapsulation Cleaning

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What is Encapsulation Cleaning?

Encapsulation cleaning is a highly valuable carpet maintenance technique that offers less disruption than hot water extraction. The process involves the encapsulation of soils in a cleaning solution that contains an acrylic polymer that crystallizes. It transforms the soils into crystals which can then be vacuumed away easily. During this transformation process, dirt, grease, and grime are easily broken down so they can be separated from the carpet fibers. The process of encapsulation cleaning requires state-of-the-art equipment and commercial-grade cleaning agents to ensure efficient cleaning results can be delivered.

Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning Services

  • Fast drying

Encapsulation offers a fast-drying time which means that carpets will not become soaked with water as there is no hot water extraction that needs to be done. Encapsulation cleaning requires a low moisture level and this cleaning method allows carpets to dry under 20 minutes. Customers can expect lesser downtime and lower costs even for large-sized carpets.

  • No re-soiling or wicking

Encapsulation cleaning uses lesser water which means that there will be no re-soiling or wicking. Wicking takes place after the treatment of carpet stains is done using water and cleaning solutions. After the water evaporates, soils remain at the bottom of the carpet which may then travel back up again and cause the stain to re-appear.

  • Improved Appearance

The main benefit of encapsulation cleaning is how it can make carpets appear better. Regularly removing soils that are stuck in the fibers of the carpet can also prevent sticky buildups of residue.

When Do You Need Encapsulation Cleaning Services?

Encapsulation cleaning is suitable for those who are looking for a carpet maintenance technique that is cost-effective and time-saving. It offers minimal disruption, thus reducing downtime so daily activities can resume swiftly. Encapsulation cleaning gets rid of the dirt that has penetrated deep into the carpet and caused less effective vacuuming. Through encapsulation, stains will not resurface and subsequent maintenance processes can be kept to a bare minimum even for areas that experience regular traffic flow.

Why Choose A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care’s Encapsulation Cleaning Services?

A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care has been serving the community for more than a decade. With our professional expertise, we can deliver top-notch service that helps our customers save costs and time. We treat your property just like our own, so you can look forward to receiving optimum results at highly attractive prices. We also stay true to our satisfaction guarantee, so we will be back working on your carpet again if you feel that the job we have just completed is not up to your standards.

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