IICRC Certified Firm

Cleaning carpet and flooring requires a high level of expertise along with utilizing the necessary resources like top-of-the-line equipment. Efficient carpet and flooring care processes are not able to be learned overnight. Technicians need to undergo extensive training and be fully certified to ensure they provide efficient services that do not damage the carpet or flooring. As an IICRC-certified firm, we assure you that we will provide the best services possible to help maintain your carpet and flooring in mint condition.

What Is an IICRC Certified Firm?

The role of the IICRC is to develop consensus-based standards for safety, health, and quality. They also award certifications that are based on tests to carpet cleaning and restoration companies that showcase a high level of customer service, service quality, and continuing education within the cleaning and restoration sector. To become an IICRC-certified firm, businesses need to pass stringent education and training courses that also include final exams. The business also has to maintain constant compliance with IICRC standards of professional excellence that comprise integrity, expertise, customer service, responsibility, and consistent quality.

Benefits of Hiring an IICRC Certified Firm for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When you hire an IICRC-certified firm for commercial carpet cleaning services, you can expect the company to meet the following requirements:

  • Technicians are fully certified, trained, and insured, having passed all certification tests
  • The company must always present accurate information to its customers and conduct its business with honesty and integrity
  • Liability insurance must be maintained to safeguard both customers and businesses
  • Continuing education must be provided to technicians to ensure they keep up with the latest changes in the industry
  • The company must agree to the Better Business Bureau or a similar service when resolving disputes and accept suggestions made during the arbitration

How Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Work

Our team strives to help business owners keep their premises in tip-top condition to provide a conducive work environment for their employees. Commercial carpet experiences quite a bit of foot traffic with regular use and spills from things like coffee or printer ink may cause it to stain to appear unsightly. We provide business owners with a one-time full cleaning session followed by a maintenance program to provide regular services to help them keep high-traffic areas well-maintained at all times. We also offer emergency clean-ups for special occasions. Through regular maintenance, we can help extend the life of the carpet and flooring to keep them in a pristine condition for a professional outlook.

Why Choose A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care’s Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services?

A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care was started in 2010, but we offer you more than 50 years of combined industry experience for residents and business owners across the greater Nashville area. Our team is known for our top-notch service quality along with extensive expertise, focusing on meeting the high expectations of each of our customers. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that efficiently cleans and cares for your carpet and flooring in the most effective way possible. Our technicians are all fully certified, trained, and insured to ensure that your fine furnishings are all handled with extreme care.

If you want to learn more about us as an IICRC Certified firm, do not hesitate to contact us today!