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Did you know…

The protectant most carpets have wears off over time, especially in high-traffic areas of your home?

Pet accidents can break down the sealant on your tile floor or hardwoods?

You can spot-dye your carpet to avoid costly replacement?

"I was going to throw my sofa away due to the staining and pet odor, A Step Above made it look and smell new again!" - Roger B

WineStop Putting Off Floor Treatment

The longer you leave those stains on your carpet and scratches on your hardwood floors, the harder they will be to fix. The spills and pet accidents that cause the stains don’t stop there. Bacteria can breed, creating a hazardous situation for you, your family, and your pets.

Hardwood stains and dirt build-up come with a unique set of challenges, too. Even those small affected areas open up the affected wood to warping and pests. Your tiny problem could become huge before you have a chance to make the repairs.

GirlDogTreatments Now Save Money Later

Pet odors and unsightly scratches may seem like a nuisance now, but they’ll become an expensive problem before long. You may want to save money now by just living with the stains and scuffs. What happens when those stains lead to mold and bacteria? How much money will you lose when water damage on your hardwoods leads to wood rot? Can you afford to replace the tile grout that cracks and disintegrates when sealants break down?

Whether you schedule regular floor treatments for your home or seek spot treatments when needed, the money you spend now will save you buckets of cash later. Compare the cost of a simple cleaning to the price you’ll pay for extensive damage. As a bonus, your floors will always look fabulous.

ExpertsTrust the Experts

You don't need to research floor treatments, rent expensive equipment, and struggle through steam cleaning or hardwood polishing. We’re experts in treating all types of flooring, so let us do the hard stuff. We’ll be in and out in the blink of an eye, leaving your home sparkling and fresh.

Ready to learn how? Contact us for a quote right away!

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