Whether you have just installed a new carpet or dealing with an existing one, there can be many unexpected issues that you run into. This can be due to issues with manufacturing, installation, or just simply because of wear and tear over a long period of time.

Here at A Step Above Carpet And Flooring Care, we believe that cost of frequent carpet replacements can be mitigated through regular carpet cleaning and carpet care as and when it is needed. To find out more about the common carpet issues and how they can be resolved without tossing that beautiful carpet away, our carpet specialists have compiled a succinct list below.

Carpet Crushing and Matting

This occurs when some of your carpet fibers have started to flatten out, remain compressed, or even start to untwist. This tends to occur more with plush and frieze carpets. In other words, your once plush and fluffy carpet may seem like someone has stamped hard on them or have thinned out significantly.

This is generally seen as a consequence of long-term wear and tear, but actually it can occur throughout a carpet’s lifespan. The crux of the issue lies in that the carpet’s fibers are starting to unravel and lose their shape. One way to fix this is to vacuum over the affected spot several times, going through in different directions. Another solution is to have the carpet professionally cleaned to remove any excessive dirt or particles that can be causing this issue.

Carpet Shedding

This can be extremely annoying, especially if you are finding the strands all over your house. In fact, carpet shedding is something that occurs more frequently with new carpet installations. Fortunately, this is a common occurrence that will diminish with some time and patience. It will not affect the quality of your carpet as it is normal to have loose tufts of fibers as a result of installation and finishing.

If you find that the carpet shedding continues long after you have installed it or are finding a significant decrease in certain parts of the carpet, it would be best to contact your carpet provider or manufacturer. Many provide warranties that will cover defects like this.

Carpet Buckling and Ripples

This is not only extremely unaesthetic to witness, but it can also be a dangerous tripping hazard for families with young children and elderly. To put it simply, this occurs when your carpet has lumps and bumps, or wrinkles that cause it to no longer lie level and flat on your floor. This can be caused by excessive moisture, or due to improper installation causing the edges to lose tension.

This can be easily solved by contacting a carpet specialist to do carpet stretching. This involves a highly mechanized process of pulling the carpet taut again, reattaching and smoothing it out to have a levelled surface once again.

Does Any Of These Issues Sound Relevant To You? Contact A Step Above Carpet & Flooring Care Today.

Carpet maintenance and repair can be a tricky business. It is hard to identify what exactly is the cause of your issue which is why it is best to contact a professional who can better suggest an appropriate repair or cleaning technique. For more information about what our team can do for you, contact us today to find out more.

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