If you are considering cleaning your rug, it is highly recommended for you to do it offsite. There are many reasons why offsite rug cleaning is a better choice. Here are some things that you need to know before going ahead to clean your rugs.

Offsite Cleaning

Pollutants and Contaminants

For as long as rugs have been made, they have always been washed. In the olden days, rug and carpet cleaning was often carried out by washer women. They take the rugs down by the river bank to give them a thorough dousing. Once the rugs have been thoroughly drenched, they will be scrubbed before being left to completely dry naturally in the sun. However, before the process of drenching the rugs in water, they are usually hung on a line to be beaten by a mighty force. The reason for doing this is because of the nature of rugs that can hold a lot of dust, especially rugs that are made of wool. When we mention a lot of dust, we mean pounds of it. In fact, most rug owners are really shocked when they see the amount of soil that can be extracted from their rug that looks conceivably clean.

Why Rugs Hold So Much Soil

If you were to examine a wool fiber under a microscope, it looks like fish scales. This means that wool is made up of a number of layers or tiny pockets which can store soil and grit. This is why a wool rug is able to hold pounds of debris while still looking particularly clean. The common issue that many rug owners face is not being able to remove debris that has been etched deep into the wool fibers. Vacuuming only gets rid of the debris on the very top layer. Hence, it is best to clean a rug offsite using a heavy-duty dusting machine or a beater bar that can extract an optimum amount of debris.

Washing Rugs

Most rugs can easily be washed but you need to always bear in mind that rugs are not similar to carpets. Rugs need to be fully saturated so as to flush out any remaining fiber pockets that contain debris. This is not something that is feasible to be done indoors and it is highly advisable to carry out this action on an inclined wash floor. A rug that is fully saturated will also become very heavy as its fiber pockets now contain a lot of water as compared to just debris.

Drying Rugs

When rugs are saturated with water, you need to make use of the right equipment to extract an optimum amount of water swiftly before any damage is inflicted to its surface and fiber pockets. An advanced rapid drying equipment such as high-speed airflow systems and high-volume extractors are some of the suitable equipment that can help you complete this process effectively. Again, this is not a process that can usually be carried out indoors unless there is a designated area that is wide enough with a proper drainage system.

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