A Step Above–because it is a giant step above!


I needed the carpeting deep cleaned since the previous owners had 2 small dogs and my allergies have been horrible since moving from the Chicago area. I called A Step Above and made an appointment. When the gentleman arrived, he used a tool that beeped every time he inserted it into the carpeting. He told me he couldn’t clean my carpet for he would be taking my money under false pretenses. Nothing he could do would be able to get the pet urine out of my carpeting, since the urine had penetrated the floor boards. He told me the only permanent solution would be to have new carpeting installed and have the floor boards sealed. That night my husband went through the house with his black light and urine was everywhere. The new carpeting has been installed and the first place I will call when the carpeting needs cleaning is A Step Above–because it is a giant step above! – Betty