Upholstery Cleaning



Upholstery and mattresses can bear a lot of staining and damage, and in time debris and dirt will accumulate on the surface. Mattresses can conceal a lot of dust on the surface and even worst dust mites. Routine sheet changes will not keep this from happening. Your mattress should be vacuumed regularly and steam cleaned yearly to remove perspiration and debris that can possibly embed into your mattress surface. We have enzymes we can treat your furniture or mattress with to help odor control after the cleaning process.

Our upholstery cleaning process (though similar to our carpet cleaning process) is a steam clean that uses cleaning solutions and equipment specifically manufactured for the most sensitive of surfaces. While most upholstery can be steam cleaned, some natural fiber furniture is to be dry cleaned only and we also have the specialty products to clean those as well.

Our method will effectively remove germs, normal staining and your family’s shed skin cells from your upholstery in accordance with industry standards. Did you know that you can shed almost a million skin cells over a 24-hour period? This makes up the majority of the dust in your home! Want to witness it yourself? Place a black cloth over any piece of upholstery, then vacuum. Now, turn the black cloth over gently and look at the upholstery side of the cloth. You will be amazed or maybe disgusted!

To ensure that we remove the maximum debris possible, we clean all surfaces of the upholstery. Your upholstery will smell fresh and fabulous!

While this is the best option for the long-term maintenance of your upholstery we understand budget constraints and can offer an option to just clean the areas your body touches, which would include the pillows, armrests, and the seating areas of the bottom and back cushions.

We also offer fabric protection for your upholstery. This will help keep small spills from turning into stains. Ask your technician for more information about fabric protection to help protect your investment.