Carpet Cleaning

We are committed to providing you the best carpet cleaning possible at a reasonable price. We offer two different types of carpet cleaning. We offer the traditional hot water steam extraction cleaning, as well as an encapsulation cleaning.  The encapsulation cleaning will dry faster and will get out your normal spills and stains, but we do not recommend this method for heavily soiled and pet stained carpet.  We will be happy helping you choose which method will best fit your needs.  As an IICRC certified firm, we follow industry leading standards to ensure you get the best clean possible. Don’t fall for “splash and dash” methods, we ask that you please allow ample time for your appointment as your technician will need time to walk the home with you, inspect your flooring, set up equipment including corner guards to protect your walls, properly clean your flooring, and do a final walk through to ensure your satisfaction with our services.


Our multi-step process provides a carpet cleaning that is A Step Above the rest:

Pre-inspection – Our technicians will walk your home with you before they begin cleaning to inspect your areas of concern, discuss pricing and procedures, and answer any questions you may have.


Vacuuming – vacuuming is an important first step in cleaning your carpet. Water mixed with dirt is mud and it is important to remove as much dry particulates as possible before the clean begins. This does not replace your normal vacuuming between appointments but ensures that the carpet is free of as much dry soil as possible before we begin cleaning.

Pretreatment – We put down a pre-treating solution and allow it to dwell to help loosen soils and stains (think soaking your dishes before you wash them). Some specialty stains such as wine, ink, certain foods, etc. will need additional treatment during this process.

Encapsulation Cleaning – An encapsulation solution will be sprayed on all carpeted area to be cleaned. This will scrub your carpet leaving behind a minimal amount of soiling and encap cleaning solution. As the solution dries it will bond to the soiling which will be removed after the solution dries and the carpet is vacuumed.

Steam Cleaning/Hot water extraction – Depending on fiber type, we generally clean around 200°, our powerful equipment weakens the physical stain’s bond leaving your carpet clean and sanitary. Pressure and heat are regulated to prevent over wetting and heat is adjusted for natural fiber carpet such as wool. This step helps improve your air quality by removing the pollens, pollutants, dust mites, etc. from the carpet.

Waterless Passes– the technician will glide his wand over the cleaned areas using vacuum only to help remove any excess water. Almost all of the water is removed after the dry strokes, leaving your carpets slightly damp. Small fans are used in certain areas where airflow may not be as good to ensure drying.

Post clean spot treatment – some stains that didn’t come out during the clean may require an additional treatment after the clean. We have different spotting agents for different types of stains.  Although we do use an anti-wicking agent to keep spots from coming back if they are in the pad, some spots may return and need a second treatment.

Protectant applied – an optional additional charge but highly recommended– Most carpet has protectant added in when being made at the manufacturer, however it is removed with normal wear and needs to be put back in regularly. The time frame of protectant lasting depends on your lifestyle; i.e. do you have pets, kids, or little traffic? Protectant helps lengthen the time between your cleaning and makes cleaning up spills easier. Protectant fills the extra dye sites in a fiber and helps to keep dyes from spills from penetrating the carpet fiber. It also resists dry soil and allows less soil to bond to the carpet, therefore, making it easier to vacuum up. It also extends the life of your carpet, saving you thousands in replacement costs. Our protectant comes with a 6 month limited warranty. If anything is spilled on your carpet within 6 months, we take care of it at no charge. Some restrictions apply (such as normal wear, pet, flood, fire, etc. ) Ask your technician for more details.carpet

Final walk through We don’t leave until you are happy! Your technician will walk with you to ensure your satisfaction with our work. After completion, you are given a satisfaction survey, a carpet care tips guide, and a goody bag that includes a complimentary bottle of stain remover. You will also receive a call from the office within 1-3 days to insure your complete satisfaction.