Clean and shiny hardwood floor after being cleanedA Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care, LLC utilizes a new, innovative hardwood cleaning system to remove years worth of dirt and grime from your floors. No need to worry about dust from sanding or being off your floors for an extended period of time. Our hardwood cleaning machine uses specially designed products to get deep into the cracks and crevices of the wood to get debris that’s normally not reachable with routine surface cleaning. Our walk behind machine uses a brush designed to scrub the wood without harming the polyurethane coat that helps protect the wood. The process includes a full inspection of the hardwood prior to cleaning. The floor will be swept and dust mopped to ensure the removal of debris from the surface of the wood.

The next step in the cleaning process is to run the cleaning machine over all of the exposed wood surfaces. We can move small items to be able to get to more of the wood, but will need to know before hand if larger items will need to be moved. The first cleaning product will be a light degreaser to help loosen up the dirt and particulates embedded in the flooring. The machine uses a squeegee system hooked into a dual vacuum to help remove all of the liquid on the flooring so the floor is left dry. After making a full pass over all of the flooring with the degreaser, a full second pass is made over the floor with a different solution running through the machine. This product is used to neutralize the flooring surface and remove any of the excess degreaser left behind, literally leaving your floors “squeaky clean”.

If you have any additional questions regarding hardwood cleaning, please call today for more information or a complementary consultation.