Being a textile, carpets are made to be extremely durable. However, with regular wear and tear, constant foot traffic, furniture moving, and other activities at home, your carpet can start to form ripples and bubbles in it. That’s because with its flexibility, comes the relaxation and loosening of its foundation. Other causes of such issues include poorly installed carpets or prior unfixed damage.

For such situations, carpet stretching is the perfect solution. It involves pulling and tightening the carpet, securing it, and straightening it out. It is a simple process that can rejuvenate your carpet and extend its lifespan. Here are some reasons why you should consider carpet stretching.


Fixes Tripping Hazard and Unpleasant Appearance

Over time, visible lumps and wrinkles will start appearing in the carpet due to moving furniture and other activities. These lumps can potentially catch your foot and cause you to fall. This is especially dangerous for the elderly or young children. Other than being a tripping hazard, the unevenness of the carpet can be unsightly and an eyesore. This is also not a good look for your house when guests are over.

Prevents Further Damage

When a carpet comes loose, it can be indicative of further damage. A particularly common damage that appears with a loose carpet is cuts and tears. If your carpets start to wrinkle, take some time to inspect them and look for other signs of damage. Walking on and cleaning a loose carpet can cause further damage by adding stress to it. Stretching your carpet can prevent these damages from occurring and alleviate your concerns.

Ages Better

Even if your carpet was initially securely installed, issues like wrinkling will still pop up. This is just a natural life cycle of a carpet. However, as a carpet is highly flexible, you need not have to settle for wrinkles. Stretching it can solve many of the problems that come with having an older carpet. When performing your regular cleaning, your vacuum will no longer snag onto the loose bits of your carpet, thus preserving its lifespan.

Cost Effective

When you realize your carpet is starting to look drab and old, your mind might go straight to buying and installing a new one. It naturally seems easier and cheaper to do so. In reality, stretching a carpet is much more cost effective than replacing the entire carpet. You won’t have to move out furniture or purchase a brand-new carpet. Additionally, stretching the carpet will increase its longevity so that you don’t have to worry about carpet issues any time soon.

Do Carpet Stretching with A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care

At A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care, we offer carpet stretching as part of our carpet cleaning and repair services. We guarantee the best carpet restoration results as handled by our highly trained carpet professionals and our state-of-the-art equipment and tools.

If you experience any issues with your carpets like bubbles or wrinkles, we are here to effectively solve them. Contact us now for a free quote and you will see a world of difference with your carpets!

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