commercial1A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care help businesses look their very best for clients and improve the air quality for their employees. Commercial carpet usually sees quite a bit of foot traffic from everyday use, and morning coffee can leave it’s mark. Most businesses are open when we are, so for minimal disruption, we are happy to work after your normal business hours during the week or on weekends to help accommodate your cleaning needs. We offer a variety of services to our commercial clients.

We are happy to provide a one time full clean to help get your carpets looking good again, then put you on a maintenance program with regularly scheduled cleans to help keep the high traffic areas under control, and even come take care of any emergency clean ups if some of the higher ups are coming into town. We are also able to take care of your hard surface cleanings as well, not just your carpet, so don’t neglect any ceramic tile or vct tiled areas. We can clean and seal your ceramic tile to help keep it easier to maintain with routine cleans in between deep cleanings. We offer a full strip and wax to your vct flooring to be able to bring it back to its original shine.vct

All variety of floorings can be put on a maintenance program to help protect the investment that was made on them and extend the life of the flooring. We keep all files and will call on our clients a week before the cleaning is due to get a time setup that best suits your schedule and cleaning needs.  We can help keep all of your flooring in pristine condition and help keep employees and customers happy. All of our cleaning services come with a free no obligation consultation, so call our office today and schedule.

Gym Hall

Here are some Commercial Examples of Before & After


Before cleaning  After cleaning

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