Koda lays on carpet recently treated We love our pets like children but when they have an accident, urine can cause permanent damage to your carpet and can create an unhealthy indoor environment. The acidic nature of urine serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and will react with the carpet fibers to create a sometimes permanent color change. Urine odor is more noticeable when the humidity is high because the salts attract moisture and put out a greater proportion of ammonia gas.

We offer several pet odor and stain removal processes depending on severity and budget. This can range from thoroughly flushing the carpet, remove the padding and treat the subfloor to a simple topical enzyme pre-treatment.

For that occasion where Mom and/or Dad leaves for longer than expected and their fur-baby has an accident, we can use the localized topical enzyme treatment before steam cleaning. This treatment is sprayed on, left to dwell and then extracted out. These enzymes are bacteria eating machines that do their job by breaking up the molecules in urine and then can be thoroughly extracted out of the carpet. Enzymes work for smaller areas and you can buy these at your local pet supply store between professional cleanings however some of these can further damage your carpet. Another option for between professional cleanings for an odor only removal is using a mixture of vinegar and water on the spot. The A Step Above difference is we can use our powerful extraction equipment to thoroughly rinse the urine and remove the cleaning products. Doing so will help to prevent the area from attracting more dirt and your pet from remarking.

We also deal with the habitual offenders. You know, the fur-baby who hasn’t been fully trained yet, or the strong-willed rebel, who won’t, grasp the whole “outside” concept. Some do it because they are marking their territory. Some do it just because they’re cute and it’s hot outside and they can get away with it. Pets like to go in the same spot, and topical over the counter cleaners don’t remove all the smell. Even if you can’t smell it, they still can. For these guys and gals we offer a pet seal and treat service. Here we apply a higher pH product that liquefies the urine to the front and back of the carpet. Then thoroughly flush the carpet, remove the old pad and replace it with new. Finally we apply a sealer to the subfloor to prevent Fido from identifying his “spot”.

Why won’t they go on my tile/hardwood where it’s easier to clean up instead of my new carpet?? We get asked this all the time. The short answer is carpet is more plush and feels more like grass and doesn’t splash back up on their precious little bottoms like on hard surfaces and it’s a better way to mark your territory. This is can actually be a good thing (okay, not good but better!); urine will ruin your hardwood and break down the sealant on your tile, carpeting just needs a quick removal and thorough professional flushing.Your technician will be honest with you and discuss all your options and expectations.

Scott with his cat on his lap.