Title cleaning in action with a blue cleaning machineTile can look amazing in any setting. Whether it’s in an entry way, kitchen, or a custom bathroom. The tile itself is usually easy to maintain with routine cleanings, but the grout is another story. Simply mopping your tile is just going to swirl dirt around and cause dirty water to soak into your grout. So, save your back and let your mop rest, let us do a thorough cleaning on your tile and grout!

Tile floors requires the same kind special attention and care as the rest of your floors. As much dirt, bacteria and debris as a carpet or rug may carry, tile floors may have the same embedded in the pores of the surface. Normal mopping is only going to pick up the dirt that attaches to it, and it allows dirty water to set in the grout because it is lower than the tile and is not wiped as well. The grout is very porous, unlike the tile, so overtime this can lead to filthy, dirty grout.

Our tile cleaning process consists of using a high-powered steam cleaning tool to blast and agitate your tile and grout as well as cleaning solutions made for your tile type and soil level. We are careful to protect the surrounding areas as we clean so those specialty products used stay on the tile. We can clean ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles. For an additional charge we also offer grout sealing on the ceramic and porcelain tile cleanings. This will help keep your grout from getting dirty as quickly in between cleanings, and help keep stains from setting in if spills occur. It is still possible for the grout to be stained if liquids absorb into the grout, so those still need to be gotten up as soon as possible.Tile cleaning before and after

Tile Floor Cleaned

Don’t neglect your showers either! We have a smaller tool to clean tighter spaces and showers. We can remove years of soap buildup and mildew with specially designed products and high pressure steam cleaning. Our specialty tools are specifically designed for this type of work, so please don’t hesitate to call us to take care of all of your hard surface cleanings.

We always do a complementary test spot to ensure your satisfaction before beginning the job.