You may be overwhelmed by terms used by retailers as you enter the world of carpets. The following section will explain the different carpet terminology used by manufacturers.

Anti Static

Anti Static is a carpet that has undergone special treatment used to reduce static electricity.


Backing helps to fortify and strengthen support to carpets. There are two types of backing – primary backing and secondary backing. Primary backing inserts yarn with tufting needles to woven and non-woven fabric. Secondary backing laminates the back of carpets.


Change, transfer, or loss of color when carpet dyes come into contact with water. It can be caused by manufacturing or non-manufacturing factors.


A type of carpet constructed with chunky tufts, thick and long yarns. It is not suitable for high-traffic or common living spaces.

Carpet Cushion

An additional layer of padding is added under carpets used to improve the soft feel of carpets. Other benefits include insulation, reduction of noise, and prevention of wear and tear.


A measure of the adjacency of yarn and tufts of a carpet. Higher density usually leads to better performance.


Loss or fading of color on a carpet due to various natural and artificial forces, such as overtime or exposure to light.


Residual loose fiber fragments on the carpet surface from the manufacturing process. It can be resolved over time with vacuuming, cleaning, or carpet use.


A fuzzy-like appearance and texture on the carpet surface due to the loss of fiber fragments through cleaning or carpet use.


The adjacency between two needle points in knitted or tufted carpet or the number of ends to pile yarn across the width of a carpet, expressed in fractions of an inch.

Tufted Carpet

A manufacturing method of carpet by stitching tufts of fiber through the primary backing of a cloth.


The first synthetic fiber. Multiple benefits include durability, elasticity, resistance to fade and heat, resistance to stain and spill, as well as easy maintenance.


The surface of the carpet comprising of cut or uncut loops of yarn or tufts.


A common synthetic material. The pros include color clarity, resistance to stain, and resistance to fade. The cons include non-durable as compared to other synthetic fibers such as nylon.


The process of losing loose fiber fragments on the carpet surface, mainly through vacuuming or carpet use.

Woven Carpet

The traditional manufacturing method of carpet is through weaving yarn in primary or secondary backings.

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