Carpet Replacement

Carpet replacement should only be your last resort when all else fails. You need to first consider carpet repairs like carpet stretching, carpet patching, and spot dyeing before considering replacing your carpet to help you save costs. If you are undecided on whether it is indeed time to consider replacing your carpet, here are some signs that will tell you whether you really do need to have your carpet replaced.

Carpet Replacement

Unsightly Stains on Carpet

Carpets experience heavy foot traffic over time as a result of regular use. However, this does not mean that it cannot stay pretty. If you notice that your carpet has started to show signs of discoloration or spotting that are caused by permanent stains, it is probably time to replace it. But, be sure to consult A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care first, because we have experienced technicians and advanced equipment that have helped homeowners remove many types of stains.

Carpet Making You Sneeze

Carpets are great at concealing dust and debris. Sadly, this is also one of its drawbacks. Dust, pollen, debris, and other contaminants can hide inside the fibers of the carpet and will be released into the atmosphere when you step on it. This can cause or worsen allergies. If you are sensitive or even allergic to pollen, pet dander, mold, or dust mites and your allergies seem to become worse more than ever, it may be time to replace it. Again, consult us first before making this decision as we have advanced techniques like steam cleaning that can effectively remove pollutants from your carpet. For those with serious allergies or asthma, it is advisable to choose flatweave or low-pile carpets to reduce the number of contaminants from hiding inside.

Foul Odor on Carpet

Every home smells different but we most definitely do not want our personal sanctuary reeking of pet urine or feces and mold. Many odors are difficult to remove especially if they have penetrated deep into the pad of the carpet. If you do not wish to be embarrassed when you have guests over and they are holding their noses, you need to consider thoroughly cleaning your carpet. At A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care, we have the right equipment to remove odors that have sat out for a prolonged period. We can help your carpet smelling fresh and clean again so you do not need to spend more money replacing it.

Frayed, Tattered, or Ripped Carpet

Carpets that are exposed to high-traffic areas like living rooms and hallways will typically be at a higher risk of being frayed, tattered, or ripped over time. This is something every homeowner needs to expect before using carpets. Mild fraying and matting can still be mended manually on your own, but for severe damage, always consult our professional technicians for advice before you go on to replace your carpet so we can help to salvage it.

Hard and Uneven Carpet

Every carpet has a layer of padding. Over time, this layer may start to wear out and you may not feel as much comfort walking on your carpet as you used to. Your carpet may also feel uneven with bumps and wrinkles with regular use. These issues can still be resolved through our industry expertise. Get in touch with us and we will assess the damage accordingly so you do not have to replace your carpet.

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