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Carpets are subjected to wear and tear daily as we walk and run on them. Having heavy furniture placed on it can also cause carpets to be damaged. If your carpets have become damaged, stained, or wrinkled, you may be considering replacing them with brand new carpets. However, buying a completely new carpet is definitely expensive. Before replacing carpets, you can consider trying to repair them instead as it is more affordable. Read on to find out how to repair your carpets effectively!


Carpet Stretching Reduces Wrinkles

If your carpets have become wrinkled or have started bunching up in some areas, it is likely that the carpets have become looser due to wear and tear. To minimize further damage, it is important to re-stretch your carpet as soon as possible.

Although it is recommended to contact a professional carpet stretching service, you can also try carpet stretching at home yourself if you get the proper tools. The two basic tools you need to buy or rent are a knee kicker and a power stretcher. Knee kickers are for smaller spaces or smoothening areas close to the wall, whereas power stretches are for stretching larger carpet areas. You will have to loosen the corners of your carpet first, and then lock your power stretcher or knee kicker onto the edge of the carpet. After you have finished stretching from one end to the other, you need to cut off the excess fabric and then secure the carpet onto the tack strip again. During the process, the carpet has to be stretched properly so that it does not become wrinkled quickly again.

Carpet Patching Repairs Damaged Spots

Carpet patching is effective for repairing small patches in carpets that are irrevocably damaged. It is a fairly simple method of cutting out the damaged part and replacing it with a same-sized carpet patch from another carpet with the same carpeting. If you cannot find another suitable carpet, it is best to use your existing carpet and take patches from areas that are hidden under furniture.

Mark the damaged part with a pen or marker and cut it out carefully using a utility knife. Try to cut the backing of the carpet instead of the tufts. After you have removed the damaged patch, use it as a template to cut a patch from the other carpet. Paste carpet tape on the floor where the damaged part has been removed, and carefully press down the replacement patch. Smooth over the area with a carpet roller or comb to make it look more natural.

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