Common Carpet Repairs

Carpet Repairs

The most common carpet repairs are stretching and patching.

Patching, or bonded inserts, are required when the carpet has sustained serious discoloration, burn damage or rips/tears. During patching, the technician will cut out the damaged piece and replace it with a donor piece from another part of the house. This is usually taken from the closet, where no one is likely to see the removed flooring.  It is a good idea to keep a piece of remnant carpet when you get new carpet for repairs such as these.

Stretching is another common service we provide.  This is usually needed when the carpeting was not installed properly and lifts up off the subfloor.  As carpeting ages it can lose some of its elasticity. Children, pets and excessive traffic can speed up this process. During the stretching process, we use a special device to exert pressure on the bunched up carpet. This pushes it to the edges of the room, where the technician will cut off the excess carpet and secure it in to place.  You may still have light ‘shadowing’ in the area where the bump once was but that will go away with time.