Carpet-Stretching-Before-and-After-022620-(1)Maintaining our carpets generally isn’t at the top of our to-do lists when it comes to home maintenance – in fact it is really tempting to just install and forget about it. It might be a few years before you even start thinking about it, and by then it might seem like a good idea to just swap out the old for a new one.

This is not necessarily true! By engaging a carpet care expert, they can help to stretch your carpet, clean it, and maybe even repair any damage that has occurred! Here at A Step Above Carpet and Flooring Care, our team of carpet specialists truly believe that replacement costs can be avoided or minimized through regular maintenance. Whether it is carpet cleaning or carpet stretching, we are committed to providing the best flooring care that you require without lowballing or recommending unnecessary options. This is why we have compiled a list of commons signs to look out for that suggests that your carpet is in need of proper stretching.

What is Carpet Stretching?

It is exactly as what the name states – pulling the carpet taut and stretching it. The process itself is a little more complicated as it involves having to secure the carpet with tact strips or other forms of anchors then straightening and smoothening it out. In most cases, this is a heavily mechanized process to create a perfectly flat surface.

This is important for two main reasons. First of which is that it increases your carpet’s lifespan. Replacing the carpet of your entire space can be an extremely pricey endeavor so being able to use it for as long as possible is a much easier alternative. If your carpet has wrinkles or bumps, it not only increases the chance of soil, dust and other particles settling in the ripples, but it will also increase chances of wear and tear. Furthermore, it simply does not look good when the carpet is full of bumps.

Next, it is simply safer to stretch out your carpet where possible. Especially in homes or workspaces with children and elderly, an uneven carpet can easily become a dangerous tripping hazard. By stretching out your carpet, it is not only an aesthetic choice, but also an important functional decision.

What To Look Out For Before Considering Carpet Stretching?

Wrinkles and lumps are the most common sign that the carpet is in need of professional help. Regardless of whether it is due to poor installation or prolonged use, carpet is supposed to lay flat and level across your floor. These lumps or wrinkles can occur anywhere the carpet is installed, so it may not be always visible, especially if it is pulling up around the edges of your space. Either way, a professional carpet specialist will be able to better inspect the space and give better recommendations.

Loose edges are the next most prevalent sign that you need to get a professional to look at your carpet. In fact, you can even do a simple at-home test to gauge! Simply use an awl tool or something similar to lift up the center of the carpet. After raising it about one inch off the ground, let go and it should snap back quickly. If it sags or remains in the air, it might be time to get your carpet stretched.

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