Carpet Patching

Planning ahead is always necessary regardless of the activity that you intend to complete. The same goes for carpet repairs. You can save a lot of time and money when you prep your carpet before patching is done as well as to ensure the cleaning specialists can perform their job faster and efficiently. Prepping for carpet patching involves a series of steps. Here is what you need to do.

Carpet Patching

Preparing Your Remnant Pieces

Regardless of whether you intend to purchase your remnant pieces, use samples, or make good use of leftovers from the original carpet installation, make sure you have the remnants ready. If the remnant pieces are inside your garage or in the attic, unpack them all and bring them out as soon as possible before the patching process begins. Be sure to unroll the remnants and flatten them out. Adjusting your remnants to the patching area of your carpet will be much easier to work with and be far more flexible to help you save time and produce seamless results.

Clearing the Area

Patching carpets will require quite a lot of space. Hence, it is recommended to spend a few minutes to clear an area that is larger than the exact patching workspace. You can move bulky items like furniture or any other valuables within the surrounding areas to ensure there is no risk of anyone in the room sustaining any injuries. Clearing the work area will also enable patching specialists to get to the patching surface without any concerns.

Section Off Children and Pets

Distractions may cause errors in patching or even accidents. This is not something that you would want to have to deal with when patching your carpet. Always ensure that your children and pets are sectioned off in another room so as to keep the patching work area clear and safe. Patching specialists will also be able to work in peace without any disturbance that can affect their efforts.

Process of Carpet Patching

Carpet patching is a simple process that involves carefully cutting out the damaged area of a carpet before replacing it with a patch of the remnant that has been cut to the same size. As the damaged area will be replaced with a remnant patch of carpet, carpet patching is considered a process that may not be perfect but is still able to improve the overall outlook of the carpet. A remnant piece can come from any type of fabric if you are unable to find a donor carpet from your linen closets, underneath staircases, underneath desks, and other remote areas around the house.

Carpet Patching Steps

  • Assessing the damaged area on the carpet
  • Finding the donor carpet or any remnant piece
  • Marking the damaged area
  • Cutting out the damaged area
  • Inserting the donor carpet or remnant piece onto the area that has been cut out
  • Deciding on nap direction and testing donor carpet or remnant piece
  • Applying the carpet tape
  • Placing patch down and blending it in
  • Patching the donor or remnant area to smoothen the area

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