Carpet Stretching

Regardless of whether you live in a countryside cottage or a suburban mansion, your house is your personal sanctuary where you get the well-deserved rest you need after a long day at work. If you feel that your carpet is not providing you with the comfort you seek, perhaps it needs a little work to help maintain it in a pristine condition. Here are some benefits of carpet stretching if you ever need to repair your carpet.

Carpet Stretching

Purpose of Stretching Process

Carpet stretching basically involves removing bumps, wrinkles, and bubbles that form on the top layer of your carpet. As a result of issues like improper padding or poor installation and delamination, a carpet will start to develop an uneven surface over time. These ugly kinks will make you feel uncomfortable when you walk on your carpet. Proper carpet stretching can remove this uneven surface and extend the life of your carpet as well as offering you with plenty of other benefits. Here are some of the benefits of carpet stretching.

  • Increased Safety

Bumps and ripples that form on the surface of your carpet can pose a safety threat. Children, pets, and the elderly are especially exposed to this safety threat which can cause them to suffer a serious injury should they trip over the uneven surface. Regular carpet stretching can help you to maintain a much safer environment for you and your loved ones.

  • Greater Lifespan

With regular use, it is expected for your carpet to sustain normal wear and tear. However, a carpet that may have not been properly installed is more likely to wear unevenly. This may in turn lead many carpet owners to simply replace the whole carpet much earlier than they would have expected. The process of carpet stretching can help to smoothen out the bumps and wrinkles from the carpet’s surface. This also helps to prevent soil and dust from settling in the uneven nooks and crannies to prevent further premature deterioration. Professional carpet stretching will also be able to re-attach the carpet to its track strip if necessary, to make sure that it is properly fastened along the edges.

  • Improves the Visual Appeal

A lumpy or wrinkly carpet diminishes the visual appeal of your home. When your carpet is stretched, it can improve the overall beauty of your home to give it a neat and well-maintained outlook. A fresh and clean carpet also contributes towards the overall warm and charming ambiance of your home for a welcoming setting.

Process of Carpet Stretching

The process of carpet stretching is basically applying tension from various directions on a carpet to force it to straighten and smooth out. This process has been highly mechanized as compared to a highly laborious process back in the olden days. It is often executed using power stretchers and a pole system that can remove bumps and wrinkles effectively. A power stretcher has claws that dig deep into the latex padding of the carpet to apply a force of around 674 pounds. When the carpet’s latex padding is stretched to its limit, the carpet will sit correctly while being free of kinks and wrinkles.

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